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Forgetful is as Forgetful does

Disclaimer: this is all random and doesn't really have anything to do with anything.

I can't say that I'm well known for being the most observant person... or having the best memory. They say you can be ugly or stupid, but not both. I think they should also figure out a way for people to either be unobservant or forgetful, but some sort of mindfulness should always be present.

St. Patty's Day comes and goes, and quit often I'm completely unaware until someone makes a b-line for me with their pincers up.

On some forgetful occasions I've tried passing off my green-blue eyes as counting for wearing green, but that's usually just met with looks of meh or other forms of not-off-the-hook.

One time I completely remembered, but my friend pinched me anyway because he thought I was wearing blue and I swore it was green. It turned into a long debate which was eventually settled by using Photobooth on my MacBook to take a few different pictures of my shirt and then measuring the RGB values with Digital Color Meter. (you would have thought one of us were Asian, but I promise we aren't) Turns out it was turquoise - or at least I think that's what you call the color that's equal parts green and blue.

I do remember a particular St. Patty's Day in elementary school (and my school colors happen to include green)... In addition to rising early on the growth charts, I was also an early hispter. I know this because although I was at top of my class, and the tallest in my class, I wasn't anywhere near the top of the pecking order. Whatever cool I was doing... definitely wasn't cool yet.

Anyway, I remember some of the other kids were chasing me with their pincers out and I was bookin' it as fast as I could down the hallway when all of the sudden the teacher steps out in front of me and pinches me so hard (using the fisted thumb roll, which is the most tortuous of all the pinching styles, FYI) that it brought me to tears. (sidenote: that's probably be illegal these days, but I'm glad the society I grew up in was more tolerent and forgiving)

I don't know what that story has to do with anything, but I'm tall and although it didn't then, nowadays putting pinchers arms-length away by the head with one hand and swatting at them with the other keeps me safe.

The end.

P.S. Oh, and if I ever have offspring I'm giving them green tattoos for their 5th birthdays or just before school starts...

P.P.S. Have you ever noticed how redheads (actually orange) either A always wear a little green and look super cute all the time or B have an absolute lack of fashion sense and try relentlessly to pull off pink?

By AJ ONeal

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